Why men lag behind in health and how we can change it

Men's Health Week 2022

Did you know that the average British woman lives four years longer than the average British man? The reasons are complicated, but much of it links back to complex social and cultural factors that make men more likely to suffer from various health issues.

This week it’s Men’s Health Week, a time for raising awareness about male health issues around the world.

So, you might be wondering why there’s a dedicated men’s health week in the first place. Here are just some of the reasons it’s important to raise awareness about men’s health specifically.

Important facts about men’s health in the UK

The founders of International Men’s Health Week stated that male health is “a critical issue and that there are health issues that only affect men”. When we look at the statistics, it’s clear that men particularly are impacted by certain health issues and have less healthy years of life than women.

  • 75% of premature deaths from heart disease are male
  • Middle-aged men are twice as likely to have diabetes as women
  • 67% of men are overweight or obese
  • One man in five dies before the age of 65
  • Four out of five suicides are male

Source: Men’s Health Forum UK.

So what can we do to change this?

There are no simple answers, every person is different.

However, many of the health problems men face are not caused by genetics, meaning they are preventable or controllable by lifestyle. Habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and not eating enough fruits and vegetables contribute to poor health outcomes in men.

It’s not just about physical health either. Men are encouraged to take better care of their mental and emotional health, too.

Start with these health tips:

  • Actively seek medical help if you’re feeling unwell, experiencing unusual symptoms or have a health problem that persists. Don’t ignore your problems or try to manage everything by yourself.
  • See your GP for regular check-ups so any potential problems can be detected early.
  • Talk to family, friends and workmates about the ups and downs of your life.
  • Don’t leave it too late to ask for help!

How you can participate in Men’s Health Week

This year, Men’s Health Forum UK is encouraging all men to do a man MOT, a series of do-it-yourself health checks and challenges available as an interactive online manual.

The goal is to help men be at the top of their health game, both physically and mentally, to live longer and healthier lives.

However you prefer to do it, we encourage all men to take a look at what they’re doing to look after their physical, mental and emotional health. It’s often the small, everyday changes that create a lasting effect.

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