Gro Clinic’s Response to CQC Report

Gro Clinics UK welcome the recently published report following an audit of our Manchester clinic from the CQC on November 16th 2021, and are aware of all of the findings and issues within.

We would like to make this statement to acknowledge the findings and inform all of our stakeholders of the actions that are being taken to address these.

Whilst the audit is a snapshot in time – over 1 day – as an organisation, we accept the shortcomings highlighted in the very comprehensive report.  Given that, we are using and will continue to use the audit as a catalyst for change for Gro Clinics in the UK. We acknowledge there are areas we need to improve but we are pleased with our services we were rated as ‘Good’. However, we ultimately aim to improve these ratings too. 

At Gro Clinics, we hold extremely high standards and work very hard to ensure the safety of our team and clients – this is paramount. Meeting our client objectives and managing expectations can only be wholly achievable if the business is following the correct processes and protocols. It has taken time to understand the requirements of the CQC and over the last few weeks or so we have, as a group, undertaken a comprehensive internal action plan. This, amongst many other things, will ensure our UK team have access to, understand and are following the processes and protocols we have built, based around the CQC guidelines.

As part of our action plan, we now have a new Clinic Manager that can bring experience to the role as well as having an extensive knowledge of CQC requirements.  Moreover, we are now in the process of retaining the services of a CQC Compliance company to aid and assist us in ensuring that we meet all CQC standards as we take this audit extremely seriously. 

We are closely monitoring the team’s understanding of all protocols and processes in the pursuit of improving our CQC rating, with the overall objective to achieve an outstanding rating in every aspect of the report.

This process has been an extremely valuable lesson for the company.  Again, we cannot express highly enough how the safety and wellbeing of the team and our clients forms the very foundation of what we do. We hope to build a strong and lasting relationship with the CQC and will do whatever necessary to facilitate this. We acknowledge the need for improvements and changes but ensuring sustainability of these is also of utmost importance.

We hope to have the opportunity to welcome back the CQC to undertake a fresh audit before the end of the year.


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