Ben’s 4 month hair transplant results with before and after photos

Ben has been looking to find a solution to his hair loss for quite some time, but as a busy businessman with a young family, it was always something that got pushed back – until now!

Before Ben first started to lose the hair at the front of his head, he always styled it the way he wanted to and it was a massive part of who he was. It gradually got to the point where he had to find a new look and started to comb his hair forward to cover up the hair loss.

Ben has had his receding hairline corrected in a one-day procedure with Gro Manchester. You can follow his full journey on his instagram page gro.diary.ben or his Gro video diary page.

Ben’s 4 month hair transplant Manchester before and after photos

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Why did Ben decide to have a hair transplant?

Ben said it took him a lot of guts to finally get his hair done after experiencing hair loss since his early 20’s. Find out why Ben decided to have his hair transplant at Gro in Manchester.

What is it like recovering from a hair transplant

Many Gro patients film their recovery journey on Youtube, Instagram or just for their own interest. You can see more hair transplant before and after UK video diaries on our before and after page. Below you will find three videos from Ben covering his first three days of recovery after his hair transplant. To see all of Ben’s videos you can view these on his YouTube playlist or Ben’s video diary page.

Day 1 of Ben’s recovery

Ben gives an excellent rundown of what you can expect the day after a hair transplant. What do you need to do and what type of pain or discomfort can you expect.

Day 2 of Ben’s recovery

The second day of Ben’s recovery and he is already sleeping a lot better. Ben also gives you an overview of what he is taking and doing to aid his recovery and get the best results possible.

Day 3 of Ben’s recovery

Ben discusses one of the less glamorous parts of recovering from a hair transplant, scabs. You see that Ben has open the Gro hair transplant recovery handbook. This handbook is given to every hair transplant patient and covered in detail after a hair transplant by the nurse or doctor. Also covered in this update is the back of Ben’s head or the donor area which is healing nicely.

2 months post hair transplant

Ben’s latest video update is 2 months post hair transplant. Ben’s results are processing well and you can compare these results to Andy’s hair transplant results as each patient recovers differently and their hair grows back differently. Ben can expect his full results (in terms of thickness and length) around 12 months after his hair transplant.

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