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Alopecia, thinning & male/female pattern baldness

As a leading hair restoration group in Australia and New Zealand, we expanded into the United Kingdom in 2020 with our Hair Transplant Manchester Clinic. One of the best and most refined hair transplant technique is one of your core options with Gro.

We also pride ourselves in our extensive and thorough post-procedure after care program, ensuring our clients have access to treatment and information that will help achieve the best possible results.

3 keys to the most refined hair transplant

Only by UK doctors

Many people don’t realise that most hair transplant surgeries in the UK are not performed by surgeons or doctors. In many hair loss clinics, the doctors are the brand, but they don’t actually do the job. At Gro we have a policy that all procedures including forehead reduction surgery and beard transplants are done from start to finish by Gro certified doctor, never technicians or robots. Every hair is taken out by a Gro doctor. And every hair is injected into place by a Gro doctor. This way you can rest assured you are in safe and secure hands for this life-changing procedure.

The Gro Technique

Every hair transplant procedure, regardless of the technique, produces permanent results. Good or bad. Results are permanent and even irreversible. The Gro microsurgery technique gives our certified surgeons full control over the placement of the hair follicles in terms of angles, direction, and depth. This way we can follow the natural way your hair grows and implant new hairs accordingly for a result that grows naturally and most importantly doesn’t look like a hair transplant.

Natural Results Guarantee

At Gro we understand that having a hair transplant is big, many times life-changing, decision. You want a natural look. Therefore, we Guarantee Natural Results. We promise no one will be able to detect you have had a hair transplant unless you tell them so. If so we will fix it for free. You can feel safe and secure this will work for you.*

*Natural looking results are different for everyone. This varies depending on multiple factors such as, but not limited to, hair style, structure, recipient area and donor area.

Gro UK hair transplant recovery videos

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How does Gro work?

We recognise that the correct diagnosis is the basis for your successful and permanent treatment. Book your in-clinic or online video diagnosis consultation today by calling 0161 839 3769 or book your hair diagnosis now.

Talk to us about the most advanced, minimally invasive and gentle hair transplant in the UK with short recovery time and the highest density to give you healthy, natural-looking hair, guaranteed.

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